We are able to offer very competitive hosting packages to suit your needs. Packages include PHP and ASP support in addition to the features listed below and may include a MySQL database.

Domain registration fees vary depending on the domain; to move an existing domain to our servers costs 30.00. Charges for webspace depend on how much you need; more can be added at a later date, but prices start from as little as 15 per month, or 120 per year if paid in advance.

The package includes:

  • Unlimited POP3 Mail Boxes with aliasing and forwarding capabilities
  • Unlimited email autoresponders and mailing lists
  • PHP4, ASP and Perl 5.6.0
  • MySQL 3.23 (ODBC Compliant)
  • Full CGI & SSL capabilities
  • Support for Java Servlets, Real Audio & Video and MIDI
  • Full Graphical Site Statistics

If you need to add e-commerce facilities to your site, please contact us to discuss your needs.

If you do not need a full web site or need a service not offered by your ISP, we are able to offer a number of specialist services that can run on our servers, linked from your site. We are able to offer mailing lists, discussion forum and bespoke database solutions, the appearance of which may be entirely tailored to match your own existing site.
For further details of these services, please see the Web Development section of this site.